DCTRC is unique: a community-minded, private, independent law firm that expertly represents tenants and only tenants. They are thorough and compassionate, and they tell you what you need to hear. They have impeccable integrity.
— Dennis J., Google Reviews
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“I was clueless where I stood legally. My lawyer listened to my issue, and referenced specific laws that protected my rights. She explained my lease to me and what it meant for my case, and helped me figure out my next step. This center is an incredible resource for all tenants in D.C..” -Alison P., Google REviews

“Landlord disputes are so stressful. The Tenants' Rights Center knew exactly what was wrong and had printed out the legal language showing me what my rights were. I was able to go back to my landlord with that information and it saved me thousands of dollars.” -Jennifer J., Google Reviews

“I reached out…because my family and I were about to be evicted and become homeless. D.C. Tenants’ Rights immediately took my case when other law firms would not…They were very patient and understanding to my family…They went above and beyond.” -Karen S., Yelp

“Marc represented us for nearly two years. We cannot recommend him and his firm highly enough. He is a compassionate adviser and tough opponent...We needed expert guidance and advice on our rights during a scary and confusing time. Marc and his firm aided us in negotiations to re-mediate health and safety issues.” -Anonymous, Avvo

“Marc made a difficult situation with a horrific landlord go away. He devastated the other side in court, by doing his homework and paying attention to the smallest detail. In the end, we got a settlement that was very one sided in our favor.” -Scott, Avvo

“Marc provided excellent advice about a tenant's right of first refusal in D.C. and helped me think strategically about communications with my landlord. As a result, I...leveraged a free month's rent, which sweetened an otherwise unpleasant landlord situation.” -Jacqueline F., Yelp

The attorneys working here are well-educated, have expertise in D.C. rental laws, and charge affordable rates for their services. I would highly recommend them, especially for consultations. -Chris P., Yelp