Our goal is to provide a range of affordable legal services — from educational workshops, to legal coaching, to representation during negotiations, to full representation in court — so all D.C. tenants can access the justice system.


We provide the following services:

  • Representation in court.  We practice in Landlord/Tenant Branch, Small Claims, Civil Branch, the Court of Appeals and the Office of Administrative Hearings.  We are willing to provide limited representation or full representation in your case. 

  • Advice about your rights as a tenant and your legal options.

  • Communication with your landlord, both informal and formal. 

  • Assistance filling out legal forms.

  • Coaching – we can help advise you about how to proceed in court without a lawyer as you represent yourself. 

  • Peacemaking – we can help you resolve conflicts and build a better relationship with your landlord.

  • Resources – we can provide you with books, forms, sample court documents and information about the law.

We help D.C. tenants with the following legal issues:

Our team in 2017.

Our team in 2017.

  • Evictions

  • Lease negotiations and terminations

  • Repairs and housing code violations

  • Rent control violations and questions about rent increases

  • Security deposits

  • Disputes over pets

  • Problems with Section 8 vouchers or other rent subsidies

  • Property damage and personal injuries caused by landlords

  • Collecting judgments against landlords

  • Housing discrimination

  • TOPA - D.C. Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act negotiations and litigation for individuals and tenant associations

  • Other disputes with landlords