We try to be as affordable as possible.


All of our attorneys charge $96.60 per hour, except for our founding attorney, Marc Borbely.  Marc directly represents a small number of clients for $180 per hour and also supervises all of the firm’s cases.

All of our clients start with an initial consultation, for which we require a prepayment of $72.45 to cover 45 minutes. If you do not use the full 45 minutes, we will refund any remaining amount. We charge only for the minutes we spend assisting you.

We can discuss with you whether your landlord may be required to pay your legal fees if you are successful with your claims. If you have a strong claim for money damages against your landlord, we may be willing to take your case on a contingency basis.

Call us at (202) 681-6871, or e-mail us at admin [at] dctenants.com, if you think we can be helpful!